Sunday, 31 March 2013

Make Your Facebook Beautiful With BEAUTIFY Fb

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Beautify Facebook is a Chrome extension & this is only for chrome users,that lets you tweak and change the way Facebook appears in your browser. It is a must have extension. Must try if you are a Facebook user.

Features :

1. The add-on lets you add a custom background image to Facebook to hide the traditional white background.
2. Rounds off the corners of chat boxes and sidebars.
3.  Adds emoticons to Facebook chat, and provides transparency settings so you can tweak the look of your news feed or the sidebars to fade into the background.
4. Makes Sidebars on both the sides fixed , so that you can scroll down without leaving the sidebars. This is the most amazing feature of Beautify Facebook.
                                           And much more , give it a try.


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